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The visualisation tool developed by project partner LTU (Lulea Tekniska Universitet) allows users to:

  • Understand the different hybrid energy interactions considered for the demonstration sites of Ulm and Skelleftea during the project
  • Visualise and compare simulation results with different control strategy and economic settings

The tool is accessible at this link:

The following steps should be followed to access the tool. More details on how to use it are given in the User Guide, available at this link.

Port Access:

The Orpheus tool uses port 49154 to retrieve data from the server. It is required that this
port is not blocked on the network. Some organizations block certain ports on the network to maintain
network security and to prevent malicious attacks. To run any software where data is accessed from a
remote server, all commercial applications and tools use certain ports. In most cases, when an
organization purchases a commercial license to a software tool the ITS department works to open ports
necessary for the application to run and makes sure this port is only accessed via the specific tool and
no other application. Since, the Orpheus tool is a prototype and not a commercial product, to run a
trial of the tool the user may have to request their ITS department to temporarily open the specific
port 49154 on the organization network. The other way to access the tool can be to use any public or
home network where usually such security restrictions do not exist.

Browser Access:

The Orpheus tool works best in the Google Chrome browser. Please make sure to
download and install Google Chrome browser from the following URL:

Login Access:

In order to access the Orpheus tool, please use the following username and password combination:

Username: orpheus

Password: newton!2606

This is done to restrict random access to the tool and sever for two reasons.
a. To prevent access to other protected data on the server relating to the Orpheus project in
general and to certain project partners in specific. This data is not for public access and we
need to protect it from public access.
b. To prevent random malicious attacks on the Orpheus tool and the server.

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