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Objective 1: Creation of the concept for new business models in smart hybrid energy networks

What is the techno-economic set up for smart hybrid energy networks business models?

The tasks within Objective 1 provide the foundation and framework of the project.
The Status Quo of technical, economic and social patterns of energy service provision in distribution networks.
This report provides a qualitative description of energy service provision. The historical development of energy networks in dense areas is outlined and various factors determining the patterns of energy distribution grids are demonstrated, investigated and categorized into technological, economic and social influences. Finally several matrices are presented, providing a structure for describing the status quo and outlook of energy service provision in hybrid networks.

Use cases of various markets participants in a hybrid distribution network.

Use cases have been created in the two selected demonstration sites. The use cases reflect the challenges, benefits and goals of each identified energy market stakeholder.

Qualitative frameworks describing the future relationships and interdependencies between different market participants of hybrid energy grids.

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